Tribute Cremation Package

1. Call The Cremation Center for immediate assistance: 801-373-6668
2. Notify family and friends to plan details of the viewing and service.
3. Complete the death certificate and cremation authorization forms.
4. Schedule an Arrangements Conference with the Director of Cremation
Services at the Tribute Center: 801-373-6668
Yes. During the Arrangements Conference, your Cremation Services Director will help you plan the viewings and services that best suit your needs.
Yes. Because our on-site crematory is owned and operated by us, we can arrange for family members to be present for the start of the cremation process.
The legal next-of-kin. If that is the deceased’s children, all the children must sign the form.
We offer a full-service facility and a professional staff that is extensively trained in planning and directing a variety of funeral and funeral-related services. We are honored to help you and your family plan the intricate details that create a memorable tribute.
Once we have applied for the Death Certificate and a Utah State Cremation Certificate and we receive that documentation, we can proceed with the cremation. Depending on when the doctor signs the death certificate and when the next-of-kin can provide the proper certification, the entire process can take two to four days. The actual cremation takes approximately four hours.